I was born in London,England off a canadian father and English mother.I was brought up and educated in Newfoundland.
went over to the UK when I was 20 years of age. Spent 17 years in London, England and 19 years in Glasgow,Scotland.After 36 years
I have decided to come back to retire were I was brought up. I have gone the full circle and back. During that time I did Nursing
for 12 years, Travel agent for 7 years, then the later 18 years I was working for Glasgow City Council in Scotland as admin assistant.

Now that I have retired with time on my hands,and needing extra cash, I decided to look to the internet, to fine ways of making money on line with the purpose of starting a  Home Based Business,and finally getting the residual income that I have always dreamed about. To make this possible I had to put my plans into action.I am now representing
GVO (Global Virtual Opportunity)

The truth is no matter what MLM or Biz op you are currently promoting it is all about Collecting Emails (building your list) and learning how to get conversions.  And GVO teaches you exactly that, By equiping you with all the Marketing tools you need today to enable you to make a sucessful home based business.

I have a great passion to make my business a success, I don’t let anything stray me from that goal, I am determine to carry on. I have been a cancer survivor twice and had a brain hemorrhage back in June 2013,and I still want to help people succeed on line,as i am advertising myself. I believe in Team work and if you got the right people, nothing will hold us back from success.
I am taking advantage of all the brilliant tools and training,I have to help me promote GVO and Pure Leverage and any business I desire to. It’s looking good with great prospects, especially now I have a funnel platform set up with

Your Eight Steps, is a Training platform and a Proven Marketing system designed to increase traffic,Build downlines and increase commissions and you can take advantage of the free training and excellent suport. 

I have also taken on Four Corners Alliance which is a long term strategey  to invest for your future,

My downline keeps growing everyday with the help of my Team.