I was introduced to network marketing back in the mid 70's.
I began raising a family so put that all on hold for a while.
Once the kids were all in school I pursued a career in the medical
field but also having a strong belief in natural wellness and healing
I left my job and began working with wellness.

When the internet came about I started on my journey of learning to
market and work online and it has been some journey. I love that I can
work from home especially since I've been able to help out and take care
of my grandchildren so they never had to go to a day care center while their
parents worked.  It's been a tremendous blessing.

In the process of learning how to market online I just really fell in love
with it.  Over the years I've come to know who to trust, who to work with
and what works so I do my best to share this with others who are looking for
ways to supplement or replace their income.

I've found the best way to see results is to find a good system with training
and support and to follow it consistently.

Two of my very favorites that have helped me tremendously are Your Eight Steps
and Contact List Builder.

Both of these not only offer excellent training and support but ways to build
multiple streams of income.

Working online from home can be very rewarding and fun.  It's like having the
Best of Both Worlds.

I highly recommend both of these.  I'd love to work with you.  You can also
connect with me on Skype at  barbara.arbster

Peace & Prosperity !

Barbara Arbster